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Article: Prof. Ariana Vigil discusses Coach Rob Koll’s Recent Remarks

Excerpt from WRAL story originally written by Matt Talhelm Oct 19 2023

Rob Koll, who was named head coach on Aug. 31, has a decorated history in Chapel Hill. He won a national championship in 1988 as a Tar Heel and carries the most wins in UNC and Atlantic Coast Conference history. But at the moment, he finds himself entangled in controversy.

Koll was asked about what made Chapel Hill “so great” on “The Bader Show” with host Mark Bader.

“It’s an awesome little town, man, it’s a vibrant little town,” Koll began.

“First of all, it’s 60 percent women for God’s sakes, and 95 percent of them are attractive,” Koll said. “It’s just a really neat little campus for young 18 to 22-year-old men. You know? I mean, good Lord, why would you not want to go there?”

“It was funny,” he continued. “We went, and they had this sorority weekend when I was there last weekend. And I look, and I’m like, it’s like 95 percent girls. I’m like – why do we not have a recruiting weekend this weekend?”

Ariana Vigil, Chair of Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at UNC, found Koll’s words marginalizing.

”Comments such as that made on the podcast unfortunately support misogyny and heterosexism,” Vigil said. “They reduce female students to their physical beauty and imply that women’s value is measured by their attractiveness to men.”

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