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Course Schedules

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WGST Courses

Course NameCourse NumberSectionCrosslistProfessorDaysTime
Sexuality and SalvationWGST 089H*1BloeschTR12:30pm-1:45pm
Assumed IdentitiesWGST 0681PageTR9:30am-10:45am
Intro to Women's StudiesWGST 1011BloeschTR11:00am-12:15pm
Intro to Women's Studies (Honors)WGST 101H1BoothTR12:30pm-1:45pm
Intro to Sexuality StudiesWGST 1111BoothTR3:00pm-4:15pm
Intro to Feminist ThoughtWGST 2021BoothMW3:35pm-4:50pm
Intro to Latina FeminismsWGST 2111VigilTR9:30am-10:45am
A Social History of Jewish Women in AmericaWGST 2531JWST, AMSTHinderliterTR11:00am-12:15pm
Women in ScienceWGST 2781ANTHElse-QuestTR3:30pm-4:45pm
Women’s Health Activism in Twentieth Century AmericaWGST 290**1HinderliterTR8:00am-9:15am
Gender and FilmWGST 3451COMMBloeschTR3:30pm-4:45pm
Spitting in the WindWGST 3501ShieldsTR2:00pm-3:15pm
Rahtid Rebel WomenWGST 3521ShieldsTR8:00am-9:15am
InternshipWGST 3931PageTR8:00am-9:15am
Principles of Feminist InquiryWGST 6951Else-QuestTR12:30pm-1:45pm


* will be changed to WGST 67H

** will be changed to WGST 330

Crosslisted Courses

Course NameCourse NumberSectionCrosslistProfessorDaysTime
Sex and Gender in SocietyWGST 1242
Intro to Gay/Lesbian LiteratureWGST 1401ENGLWeberMWF
Women in the United StatesWGST 1441HISTTurkMWF
Women and MusicWGST 1881MUSCMacneilTR9:30-10:45
Women and PoliticsWGST 2171POLIConoverTR 2:00-3:15
Intro to Gender CommunicationsWGST 2241COMMSilvaMW12:10-1:10
Gender and Sexuality in Korean FilmWGST 2371KOR/CMPLKiefTR3:30-4:45
Philosophical Issues of GenderWGST 2751PHILSheeksMWF9:05-9:55
Women, Gender and JudaismWGST 5331JWST, RELICooperTR9:30-10:45

WGST Courses

WGST 1011Intro to Women's StudiesMW2:30p-3:45pShields
WGST/SOCI 1241Sex and Gender in SocietyTR9:30a-10:45aWeisshaar
WGST/SOCI 1242Sex and Gender in SocietyTR11:00a-12:15pWeisshaar
WGST/ENGL 1401Into to Gay/Lesbian LitTR9:30a-10:45aWeber
WGST 2021Intro to Feminist ThoughtTR9:30a-10:45aBooth
WGST/POLI 2171Women and PoliticsTR2:00p-3:15pConover
WGST/COMM 2241Intro to Gender CommunicationMWF10:10a-11:00a
WGST/COMM 2243Intro to Gender CommunicationMWF11:15a-12:05p
WGST/GEOG 2251Space, Place and DifferenceTR9:30a-10:45a
WGST 2311Gender & Pop CultureMW1:25p-2:40pBloesch
WGST 2312Gender & Pop CultureMW3:35p-4:50pBloesch
WGST 2331Latina LiteratureTR3:30p-4:45pGil
WGST/CLAS 2411Women in Ancient RomeTR2:00p-3:15pJames
WGST/CLAS 241H1Women in Ancient RomeTR2:00p-3:15pJames
WGST/JWST/AMST 2531Jewish Women in AmericaTR9:30a-10:45aHinderliter
WGST/HIST 2591Women in Modern EuropeTR12:30p-1:45pHagemann
WGST/PHIL 2751Philosophical Issues of GenderMWF10:10a-11:00aStroud
WGST/HIST 2801Women in Latin AmericaTR2:00p-3:15pSilva Campo
WGST 3301US Women's Health ActivismTR8:00a-9:15aHinderliter
WGST 3401Leadership Violence PreventionTR2:00p-3:15pKennedy
WGST 3521Rahtid Rebel WomenTR8:00a-9:15aShields
WGST 3881International Politics of Sexual/Reproductive HealthTR12:30p-1:45pBooth
WGST 438/ANTH/FOLK 5371Gender and PerformanceTR12:30p-1:45p
WGST/MEJO 4421Gender, Class, Race and Mass MediaTR3:30p-4:45pFriedman
WGST/GEOG 4471Gender in the Mid-EastTR11:00a-12:15pGokariskel
WGST/RELI 4501Sexuality in JudaismTR12:30p-1:45pMarienberg
WGST 6951Senior Seminar: Principles of Feminist InquiryTR5:00p-6:15pBooth
WGST 7901Graduate Senior SeminarT2:00p-5:00pVigil
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