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Course Schedules

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CourseSectionTitleIDEAS in Action RequirementsDaysTimeProfessor
WGST 0891FYS: Special TopicsFY-SEMINARTR2-3:15Bloesch
WGST 1011Intro to Women's StudiesFC-GLOBALMW12:20-1:10Quest
WGST 2021Intro to Feminist ThoughtFC-KNOWING or FC-POWERTR9:30-10:45Booth
WGST 2331Latina LiteratureFC-AESTH or FC-POWERTR2-3:15Vigil
WGST 2491IntersectionalityFC-POWERMW11:15-12:05Berger
WGST 2531A Social History of Jewish Women in AmericaTR9:30-10:45Hinderliter
WGST 2781Women in ScienceFC-KNOWING or FC-VALUESTR9:30-10:45Quest
WGST 2901Special Topics in Women's StudiesMW3:35-4:50Booth
WGST 2902Women's Health Activism in Twentieth Century AmericaTR8:00-9:15Hinderliter
WGST 3401Leadership & Violence PreventionHI-SERVICETR3:30-4:45Hurt, Kennedy
WGST 3451Gender and FilmFC-AESTH or FC-KNOWINGTR3:30-4:45Bloesch
WGST 3881The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive HealthFC-GLOBAL or FC-POWERTR2-3:15Booth
WGST 3931WGST InternshipFC-KNOWING or FC-VALUES, HI-INTERNMW10:10-11:25Shields
WGST 7901Graduate Seminar in Women's StudiesW3:30-6:30Berger
WGST 6951Senior Seminar: Principles of Feminist InquiryFC-KNOWINGMW3:35-4:45Bloesch

WGST Courses

WGST 0681FYSTR9:30a-10:45aPage
WGST 1011Introduction to Women's StudiesMW12:20p-1:10pQuest
WGST 1111Introduction to Sexuality StudiesTR3:30p-4:45pBooth
WGST 111H1Introduction to Sexuality StudiesMW3:35p-4:50pBooth
WGST 2021Introduction to Feminist ThoughtTR3:30p-4:45pBloesch
WGST 2151Gender and SpiritualityTR2:00p-3:15pBloesch
WGST 2311Gender and Pop CultureMWF12:20p-1:10pBloesch
WGST 2331Latina LiteratureTR3:30p-4:45pVigil
WGST 2531Jewish Women in AmericaTR9:30a-10:45aHinderliter
WGST 2902Special Topics in Women's StudiesTR8:00a-9:15aHinderliter
WGST 2903Special Topics in Women's StudiesTR11:00a-12:15pPage
WGST 5731Psychology of Women and GenderMWF3:35p-4:50pQuest
WGST 6951Principles of Feminist InquiryTR3:30p-4:45pBooth

Cross-Listed Courses

CourseCrosslisted WithSectionTitleDaysTimeInstructor
WGST 124SOCI1Sex & Gender in SocietyMWF2:30p-3:20pMartinez
WGST 124SOCI2Sex & Gender in SocietyMWF10:10a-11:00aNewell
WGST 140ENGL1Intro to Gay/Lesbian LitMWF12:20p-1:10pWeber
WGST 188MUSC1Women and MusicMW10:10a-11:25aFauser
WGST 217POLI1Women and PoliticsTR9:30a-10:45aConover
WGST 224COMM1Intro to Gender CommunicationMWF10:10a-11:00a
WGST 224COMM2Intro to Gender CommunicationMWF10:10a-11:00a
WGST 224COMM3Intro to Gender CommunicationMWF11:15a-12:05p
WGST 240CLAS1Women in Greek Art & LiteratureTR3:30p-4:45pJames
WGST 240HCLAS1Women in Greek Art & LiteratureTR3:30p-4:45pJames
WGST 259HIST1Women in Modern EuropeTR9:30a-10:45aHagemann
WGST 275PHIL1Philosophical Issues of GenderMWF1:25p-2:15pSlank
WGST 442MEJO1Gender, Class, Race, & Mass MediaTR3:30p-4:45pFriedman
WGST 444SOCI2Race, Class, & GenderMWF10:10a-11:00aDavenport
WGST 450RELI1Sexuality in JudaismTR12:30p-1:45pMarienberg
WGST 345COMM1Gender and Film
WGST 471ASIA1Gender and Sexuality in Middle Eastern LitR11:00a-12:15pYaghoobi
WGST 486RUSS, EURO1Modern Russian Women WritersTR12:30p-1:45pLapushin