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Karen M. Booth
209 Smith Bldg
CB #3135
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
919-962-3375 (phone)
919-962-5839 (fax)
Associate professor

Dr. Booth teaches courses that focus on transnational, global, and majority (“third”) world issues and social movements. She is particularly interested in sexual and reproductive rights, health politics, and transnational feminist and queer organizing. Her courses are cross-listed with sexuality studies, cultural studies, and international studies. In her recent book, Local Women/Global Science: Fighting AIDS in Kenya (Indiana University Press, 2004), she demonstrates the ways in which the micropolitics of AIDS control in Nairobi’s public clinics are shaped by colonial geography, global capitalism, and scientific constructions of African bodies and heterosexuality. She is now writing a cultural history of AZT, the first anti-HIV drug.