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Why pursue a Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies?

This certificate is designed to formally meet the needs of students with interdisciplinary interest in women’s and gender studies (including sexuality studies). Through the program, you can expect to gain valuable knowledge about the history of feminist thought, relevant areas of research in the field, and how to utilize feminist research and pedagogy in your own work. Your coursework will allow you to examine contemporary issues relevant to gender and sexuality from intersdisciplinary perspectives, including history, literature, communication, and media studies, among others. This formal credential will signal to future employers that you have firm grounding in women’s and gender studies, are an interdisciplinary scholar, and can oversee undergraduate and graduate level work that utilizes feminist methods.

What are the requirements?

Students are required to complete 9 hours of coursework (with a grade of P or H), one of which must be WGST 790 and one of which can count both toward your degree major and toward the certificate. Students are also required to participate in WGST-sponsored events and/or activities such as serving as a T.A. for WGST 101, presenting research at a WGST colloquia and/or attending events (speakers, conferences, etc.

How does one enroll?

In order to apply to the certificate program, students should send a cover letter and a c.v. to Ariana Vigil ( Your cover letter should introduce your research and teaching interests as well as your interest in pursuing the certificate. Once these materials have been received. Dr. Burrill  will contact you and ask that you arrange a meeting with a member of the advisory panel. This meeting will allow you to learn about and/or ask questions about the certificate and establish your suitability for the program and a potential certificate advisor.

Who can serve as my certificate advisor?

Any member of the Graduate Certificate Advisory Board. Current members are listed on our webpage.

What is the role of the certificate advisor?

The certificate advisor is your point person within the program and the person you can turn to with any questions or concerns. The certificate advisor will sign all relevant paperwork and help you stay on track to completing the certificate. We recommend you check-in (meet) with your certificate advisory once per semester.

What are some courses that count toward the certificate?

A list of courses that count toward the certificate can be found on our website. The list is updated as frequently as possible. Please email Dr. Vigil if there is a course you are interested in that is not listed.

How many participatory events am I expected to attend?

We would love for you to attend as many events as interest you but a total of two events attended will meet this requirement.

Do you have a listserv?

Yes, if you would like to be placed on the graduate WGST listserv, please email Dr. Vigil (