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The Department of Women’s Studies offers an undergraduate major and minor. Some of our most recent courses include “Women, Art, and Activism in America,” “African American Women in the Media,” Women and Textile Production Across the Mediterranean,” “The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive Health,” “Women and Film,” and “The Archaeology of Sex and Gender.” In addition 100 affiliated faculty across campus working in a wide range of academic areas including African/African American Studies, History, Asian Studies, English, Political Science, and Sociology teach over 120 cross-listed courses in twenty-seven departments. Our students bring to the classroom backgrounds in the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences, creating a vibrant and exciting classroom dynamic.

Women’s Studies also seeks to create an extracurricular environment that supports and fosters the intellectual achievement of faculty and students interested in women and gender and of all female faculty and students whatever their interests. Our long-standing internship program provides unique opportunities for off-campus learning in local agencies for all Carolina undergraduates. Through an extensive program of interdisciplinary lectures, we bring to the general public and the university community information and intellectual debate focused on issues of women and gender locally and around the world. Our unique Women and Science Program provides a forum discussion of issues affecting women scientists while also providing guidance and crucial role models for young women interested in science.



So, what can you “do” with a B.A. in Women’s Studies?
Here is a partial list of the kinds of things our graduates have gone on to do:

divinity school
education administration
film making
graduate school in Women’s Studies
international NGO’s
investment banking
naval service
public health
public policy/politics/lobbying
public relations
social work
software engineering
substance abuse counseling
technical writing
yacht club director