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For a complete listing of all the courses in the Women’s and Gender Studies catalog, visit here

Course NameCourse NumberSectionProfessorDaysTime
FYS: Sexuality and SalvationWGST 67H001BloeschTR2-3:15
Intro to Women's StudiesWGST 101001BloeschTR11-12:15
Intro to Women's StudiesWGST 101601, 602, 603STAFFF10:10-11:25
Intro to Women's StudiesWGST 101604, 605, 606STAFFF12:30-1:35
Intro to Feminist ThoughtWGST 202001HinderliterTR9:30-10:45
Women's Health Activism in 20th Century AmericaWGST 330001HinderliterTR8-9:15
Rahtid Rebel Women: An Introduction to Caribbean WomenWGST 352001ShieldsTR8-9:15
Internship in WGSTWGST 393001BoothTH3:30-4:45
Theorizing Black FeminismsWGST 553001MerrittMW3:35-4:50
Senior Seminar: Principles of Feminist InquiryWGST 695001BoothTR11-12:15
Course NameCourse NumberSectionProfessor DaysTime
Intro to Women's StudiesWGST 1011ShieldsMW2:30p-3:45p
Sex and Gender in SocietyWGST/SOCI 1241WeisshaarTR9:30a-10:45a
Sex and Gender in SocietyWGST/SOCI 1242WeisshaarTR11:00a-12:15p
Into to Gay/Lesbian LitWGST/ENGL 1401WeberTR9:30a-10:45a
Intro to Feminist ThoughtWGST 2021BoothTR9:30a-10:45a
Women and PoliticsWGST/POLI 2171ConoverTR2:00p-3:15p
Intro to Gender CommunicationWGST/COMM 2241MWF10:10a-11:00a
Intro to Gender CommunicationWGST/COMM 2243MWF11:15a-12:05p
Space, Place and DifferenceWGST/GEOG 2251TR9:30a-10:45a
Gender & Pop CultureWGST 2311BloeschMW1:25p-2:40p
Gender & Pop CultureWGST 2312BloeschMW3:35p-4:50p
Latina LiteratureWGST 2331GilTR3:30p-4:45p
Women in Ancient RomeWGST/CLAS 2411JamesTR2:00p-3:15p
Women in Ancient RomeWGST/CLAS 241H1JamesTR2:00p-3:15p
Jewish Women in AmericaWGST/JWST/AMST 2531HinderliterTR9:30a-10:45a
Women in Modern EuropeWGST/HIST 2591HagemannTR12:30p-1:45p
Philosophical Issues of GenderWGST/PHIL 2751StroudMWF10:10a-11:00a
Women in Latin AmericaWGST/HIST 2801Silva CampoTR2:00p-3:15p
US Women's Health ActivismWGST 3301HinderliterTR8:00a-9:15a
Leadership Violence PreventionWGST 3401KennedyTR2:00p-3:15p
Rahtid Rebel WomenWGST 3521ShieldsTR8:00a-9:15a
International Politics of Sexual/Reproductive HealthWGST 3881BoothTR12:30p-1:45p
Gender and PerformanceWGST 438/ANTH/FOLK 5371TR12:30p-1:45p
Gender, Class, Race and Mass MediaWGST/MEJO 4421FriedmanTR3:30p-4:45p
Gender in the Mid-EastWGST/GEOG 4471GokariskelTR11:00a-12:15p
Sexuality in JudaismWGST/RELI 4501MarienbergTR12:30p-1:45p
Senior Seminar: Principles of Feminist InquiryWGST 6951BoothTR5:00p-6:15p
Graduate Senior SeminarWGST 7901VigilT2:00p-5:00p
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