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Interested in Experiential Learning? Interested in an Internship with WGST?

WGST Internship is a formal class WGST 393 (Instructor: Dr. Tanya Shields)

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies Internship Program (WGST 393) allows students the unique opportunity to receive course credit while gaining practical experience in a variety of fields concerned with women’s or feminist issues. The internship has two components:  (1) organizational work and (2) a weekly class offered only in the fall semester under the direction of the Director of Undergraduate Studies (currently Tanya Shields). First, under the supervision of qualified professionals, interns are able to directly contribute to the work of their chosen organizations (see the list below) by planning programs, researching, interacting with clients and completing other projects. Second, the weekly course is designed to enhance the practical work of the internship by helping students explore the relationships between their organizational work and the rest of their academic education, especially previous WGST courses.

Requests for other accommodations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the DUS.

WGST Internship Guidelines (includes contact information for internship sites)

Internship Evaluation Forms

Past Internship Experiences

Intern Contract


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