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    Course Offerings for Spring 2014

    Department of Women’s and Gender Studies: Course Offerings for Spring 2014


    Please Note: Students may register for cross-listed Women’s and Gender Studies courses under either department. If the course is closed under one option, students should try the other. Students may use cross-listed courses toward a major or minor in Women’s and Gender Studies even if they have officially registered for the course under the other department.


    Women’s and Gender Studies Courses


    WMST 101

    Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

    TR 2:00-3:15


    Explores the intersections between gender, race, class, and sexuality using perspectives from multiple academic disciplines. Topics include: work; sexuality and sexual identity; health; gender relations and images of women and gender in literature, religion, art, and science; and the history of feminist movements. Course readings are drawn from the humanities and the social sciences. This course includes lecture and small discussion sections led by teaching assistants.

    Instructor: Tanya Shields, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 111

    Introduction to Sexuality Studies

    TR 2:00-3:15


    Introduces students to the broad range of disciplinary perspectives used by the field of sexuality studies to study, teach, and create knowledge about human sexuality in various functions and forms.

    Instructor: Karen Booth, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 202

    Introduction to Feminist Thought

    TR 9:30-10:45


    Examines feminist theorizing on debates over gender-based and intersectional oppressions. Gives students tools to pursue academic work in women’s and gender studies and to understand relations between concepts, activism, and change. Required for majors. PREREQUISITE: WMST 101.

    Instructor: E. Jane Burns, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 230

    Women in Contemporary Art: A Field Study

    T 3:30-6:15


    Explores the lives and work of women in contemporary art through a combination of readings, films, interviews, studio visits with area artists, and visits to museums and galleries. We will engage questions of identity, gender, sexuality, politics, and cultural representation and how these affect the creativity, media, and final output of women artists.

    Instructor: Susan Page, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 232

    Identity in Transit: Performing the Self through Photography

    M 3:00-5:45


    Asks how gendered identity is shaped over time in relation to different cultural, social, and historical circumstances. Examines the practices of photographers who present themselves and others in assumed identities to comment on shifting social roles and challenge stereotypes. Students use photography to document performance and create self-portraits

    Instructor: Susan Page, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 294

    Courtship and Courtliness from King Arthur to Queen Victoria

    TR 8:00-9:15


    Examines the complex roots of ideas about western romantic love that continue to influence  popular culture today. We begin with literary texts by Plato and Ovid on desire,  seduction, and rape and then move   to  male and female writers in the Middle Ages who express conflicting views on misogyny, chivalry,  pregnancy, marriage, and courtly love. Throughout the semester we examine the many different configurations of bodies,  desire, and pleasure presented by these early texts and ask what is missing from the inherited concepts of "love" that still shape us.

    Instructor: E. Jane Burns, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 340 (formerly 290)

    Leadership in Violence Prevention for Peer Educators

    TR 3:30-4:45


    Examines violence and violence prevention, with a particular focus on issues related to men’s violence against women. We look at violence from individual to structural levels, considering both perpetrators and victims. This course trains students to educate their peers about issues of interpersonal violence including sexual and relationship violence and stalking. We focus on strategies of intervention and prevention. PREREQUISITE: permission of instructor.

    Instructor: Robert Pleasants, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator/ Adjunct Assistant Professor in Health Behavior


    WMST 350

    Spitting into the Wind: “American” Women, Art, and Activism

    TR 8:00-9:15


    Uses films, novels, and essays to engage with various notions of activism (as represented in art and social justice organizations) at play in hemispheric America.

    Instructor: Tanya Shields, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 355

    Youth, Sexuality, and the Law

    M 3:30-6:30


    Examines how lawyers, laws, and legal institutions shape an understanding of sexuality and gender in young people. Through legal briefs and judicial opinions, articles, news media, and guest speakers, this course promotes critical thinking about our assumptions about what is “normal” and “appropriate” in youth sexuality and gender.

    Instructor: Barbara Fedders, School of Law


    WMST 368

    The Struggle Continues: Women of Color in Contemporary US Social Movements

    T 3:30-6:15


    Examines the role of women of color as grassroots activists, leaders, and thinkers in the new social and community movements of the postwar period.

    Instructor: Michele Berger, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 388

    The International Politics of Sexual and Reproductive Health

    TR 9:30-10:45


    Takes a feminist political-economy perspective on debates over current health issues of international concern, including abortion, population control, and sexually transmitted infections. Focuses on the United States, Mexico, and Kenya, as well as on international organizations and social movements. PREREQUISITE: WMST 101 or WMST 111

    Instructor: Karen Booth, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies



    WMST 393

    Practicum in Women’s and Gender Studies



    Supervised internship designed to provide experience working in organizations concerned with women’s or gender issues. Must be arranged with a faculty advisor during the semester prior to the internship. See the department’s Web site for important information. PREREQUISITE: WMST 101

    Instructor TBA


    WMST 396

    Independent Reading and Research



    Independent reading and research. A student can repeat eh course as long as they work on a different topic each time they enroll. Permission of the department chair and faculty supervision required.

    Instructor: Karen Booth, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 691H

    Honors in Women’s Studies



    Second semester of the year-long honors thesis project. Writing and completion of an honors essay. PREREQUISITES: WMST 695 or 695H, permission of the department.

    Instructor: TBA


    WMST 695

    Senior Capstone Seminar: Principles of Feminist Inquiry

    TR 2:00-3:15


    Required for majors; strongly recommend for minors. An advanced writing-intensive course drawing on a student’s interests and background and requiring major research on a specific topic utilizing feminist perspectives. PREREQUISITES: WMST 101, 202, at least one additional wmst course, senior standing, instructor’s permission.

    Instructor: Joanne Hershfield, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies


    WMST 790

    Graduate Seminar in Women’s Studies

    M 3:30-6:15


    Explores the complex interaction between women's studies, feminist studies and gender studies as these fields have evolved within and across academic disciplines, intersecting with issues of race, class, ethnicity, masculinity, sexuality, and with practices of queer theory and cultural studies. Open to graduate students only.

    Instructor: Michele Berger, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

    Cross-listed Courses


    WMST 124/SOCI 124

    Sex and Gender in Society

    TR 8:00-9:15


    Examines social differentiation between men and women with attention to the extent, causes and consequences of gender inequality, and the changes in gender roles and their impact on interpersonal relations.

    Instructors: Allison Matthews, Department of Sociology


    WMST 140/ENGL 140

    Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Culture and Literature

    MW 5:00-6:15

    TR 11:00-12:15


    Introduces literary and cultural topics such as the AIDS crisis, gender stereotypes, aging in queer communities, racial politics and gay/lesbian sexuality, and representations of political activism and queer politics.

    Instructor: Wendy Weber, Department of English and Comparative Literature (MW)/ Forrest Curtain, Department of English and Comparative Literature (TR)


    WMST 225/GEOG 225

    Space, Place, and Difference

    TR 11:00-12:15


    Examines gender, race, and class in terms of the spatial patters of everyday life, regional patterns, and global patterns.

    Instructor: Altha Cravey, Department of Geography


    WMST 248/MUSC 248

    Women in Opera

    MWF 11:00-11:50


    Explores women’s changing roles and influence, onstage and behind the scenes, in the history of opera.

    Instructor: Anne Macneil, Department of Music


    WMST 259/HIST 259

    Women and Gender in Europe Since 1750

    TR 12:30-1:45


    Examines and compares women’s and men’s lives and the history of women’s struggle for emancipation in modern Europe, roughly from the era of the late Enlightenment and the French Revolution to the period after World War II.

    Instructor: Karen Hagemann, Department of History


    WMST 263/ENGL 263

    Literature and Gender

    MWF 11:00-11:50


    Studies gender issues in criticism and writing.

    Instructor: Jamie Rosenthal, Department of English and Comparative Literature

    WMST 266/AAAD 232 Black Women in America TR 9:30-10:45

    An examination of the individual and collective experiences of Black women in America from slavery to the present and the evolution of feminist consciousness.

    Instructor: Kia Caldwell, Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies


    WMST 275/PHIL 275

    Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society

    TR 11:00-12:15


    Examines gender from many different angles. Questions considered include: what are biological sex and gender and how are they related? How do we distinguish between genders and how is this related to men’s oppression of women? How is sexism related to other forms of oppression, including homophobia and species-ism? Wel learn to think philosophically about concrete ethical issues involving gender, such as sex, marriage, and the body.

    Instructor: Megan Mitchell, Department of Philosophy

    WMST 373/CMPL 374

    Modern Women Writers

    TR 2:00-3:15

    this semester we’ll explore the role that the modernist revolution in the arts played in shaping the experimental writings of twentieth-century women. beginning with roger fry’s ‘first post-impressionist exhibit,’ which introduced the new French painting (cézanne, matisse, etc.) to bloomsbury, we’ll examine how these paintings and fry’s vision of them helped inspire both virginia woolf’s post-impressionist aesthetic in to the lighthouse and the paintings of her sister, vanessa bell. next we’ll explore gertrude stein’s development of a ‘cubist’ writing in paris under the influence of the paintings of picasso and matisse, and dance inspired by stravinsky and the ballets russes; finally we’ll examine the later evolution of these experimental techniques in france in writings and film by marguerite duras. texts: woolf, a room of one’s own, to the lighthouse, and selections from her essays and her biography of fry; fry, selected writings; stein, autobiography of alice b. toklas and selected texts; duras, hiroshima mon amour and the lover; paintings by various figures in the bloomsbury circle and in france; dance performances by wendy whelan and the alvin ailey company, provided without charge through carolina performing arts.

    Instructor:Diane Leonard, Comparative Literature


    WMST 415/JOMC 442

    Gender and Mass Communication

    TR 11:00-12:15


    Examines gender as it relates to media producers, subjects, and audiences with a focus on current practices and possibilities for change.

    Instructor: Barbara Friedman, School of Journalism and Mass Communication


    WMST 451/ART 451

    Women in the Visual Arts II

    TR 12:30-1:45


    Discusses topics related to the representation of women in Western art and/or women as producers of art. PREREQUISITE: ARTH 151 or 254.

    Instructor: Mary Sheriff, Department of Art



    Oral History and Performance

    TR 2:00-3:15


    Combines readings and field work in oral history with study of performance as a means of interpreting and conveying oral history texts.

    Instructor: Della Pollock, Department of Communication Studies


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