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    Gender Studies - an Essential Part of Liberal Arts Education

    We have been heartened by the outpouring of support that the Department of Women's and Gender Studies received from all corners and directions. We are rightfully proud of the accomplishments of all our current and past students. We have received numerous testimonies to the value and employment options of all the students who either majored in WGST or who took courses with us. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the broad range of education, research and community outreach that we all - faculty and students do in this department.

    Our chair Dr. Joanne Hershfield said it best in Inside Higher Ed, January 30, 2013: "our department’s graduates do not have any problem finding employment upon graduation, with many going into public health, education, law, public policy, business and nonprofit work.... one even has a yacht business."

    For many more statements about the value of degrees or courses in Women's and Gender Studies see letters to the editor of the N&O.

    A selection of responses that we received:

    “As a graduate with a bachelors in Women's Studies, I cannot express how much these classes have shaped my life. Women & Gender studies taught me about the beauty of critical thinking, exposed me to the inherent problems with our society, and provided me with powerful literature. I am currently a nursing assistant at UNC Hospital. I will be getting a masters of Physician Assistant in the next few years, and will eventually be able to center my work in healthcare around women.”

    Danielle Boachie, Class of 2011.


    "No skill is more pivotal in obtaining and excelling in a career than critical thinking and writing. Through gender studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, I learned to think on my own, defend my ideas through writing and research, and, most importantly, to question."

    Billy Klutz, Class of 2012.


    "The program in Women’s and Gender Studies exposed me to invaluable knowledge about social reality, processes of power, and methods of civic engagement. My education included rigorous explorations of theory from many disciplines as well as sharpening my problem solving and critical thinking skills. The department and faculty nurtured me as a scholar and as a human being. I learned that for me, a job needs to include contributing to something beyond my own bank account or to shareholders' pocketbooks. It requires participating in society, improving the world around me, and engaging with government."

    Ashley Mattheis, Class of 2012.


    “I am a Women’s and Gender Studies major at UNC. My course work in the Department, including a life-changing internship, propelled me to apply to law school with a focus in feminist legal theory and gender law. In mid-January I was accepted into the J.D. program at George Washington School of Law in Washington, D.C.! While I am still waiting to hear from other schools, I am excited to start law school in the fall, and owe every bit of my decision to the fantastic courses and instructors in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.”

    Katie Watkins, Class of 2013


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