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    Jobs in Women's Studies


    Feminism and the Academic Job Market: Oxymoron or Possibility?

    Job Announcements:

    Women’s/gender/feminist studies specific or general site where women’s studies jobs can be found:

    The National Women's Studies Association Job Bank:

    Women in Higher Education (lists jobs in teaching and administration):

    The Chronicle of Higher Education:


    For Non-academic Jobs:

    Non-profit career center (focuses especially on positions in social justice organizations):

    Feminist Majority Foundation’s Career Site:

    Selected discipline-specific job sites:

    American Sociological Association:

    American Anthropological Association:

    Modern Language Association:

    American Historical Association:

    Job Market Information:

    Women’s/gender/feminist studies specific:

    Academic Job Searches in Women's Studies: A Selected Bibliography by K. Side at:

    General (feminist friendly): a

    University of Maryland Professor’s handy “Job Application Checklist”:

    And her equally handy interview question preparation guide:


    Other Relevant Resources:

    Links to on-line syllabi for women's studies courses on a huge variety of topics:


    “Off-line” Materials:

    Jennie Kronenfeld and Marcia Lynn Whicker. 1997. Getting an Academic Job: Strategies for Success: Survival Skills for Scholars. Vol 17 Sage Publishers.

    Mark Zanna and John Darley. 1987. The Complete Academic. NY: Random House.

    "American Sociological Association Resource Materials for Teaching: New Faculty Discuss Academic Job Searching," 2002.

    If you locate helpful websites or references not on this list, please email Dr. Karen Booth at

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